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Mike Sito
Rockaway Park Queens NY
Resident and Distributor of
Martins Potato Rolls
I have had Scott as my computer repair
tech for over 3 years now. He has never
once let me down. His prices seem to be
the lowest of any other computer repair
places. There have been many occasions
where I have called Scott last minute for an emergency fix and he
literally came over within 10 minutes. As a business man myself I
have realized that it is extremely hard to find a responsible trustworthy
person for just about anything. However Scott is a rare find he has
got me out countless jams. Thanks to Scott my business has always
been able to run smoothly when it comes to my computers! 
I will recommend him to anyone in need of computer help.
Carolyn Wills
Arverne Queens NY Resident
I called Scott over 2 months ago
and from the beginning he was
professional and courteous. I was
absolutely computer illiterate,
meaning I could not even turn
the computer on. After only 6 lessons Scott was able to teach me
computer basics and emailing.Now I have connected with friends
and family through email.I have also learned how to research on the internet and
troubleshoot minor computer problems. I am so happy that
I met such a bright trustworthy young man. I recommend him
for anyone who needs help with their computer.
Marjorie Clarkin
Bayridge Brooklyn NY Resident
Scott is a wonderful young man who
I have used for computer
help for years. I have had my
computer completely crash! After calling
Scott he arrived to my house in
Bayridge the same night and a short time later my computer was running like new. Having such a smart honest computer technician is a godsend! He is a young man who will make an excellent law enforcement official one day and I can promise you will be satisfied with his service....
West End Reality
Beach 116th Street
Rockaway Park Queens NY
Local Business
Scott has been servicing our
home and business computers
for over a year now and he has
always provided us with great service. On occasion our office printers or computers break down, not long after calling Scott
everything is working again. As a local business we would
recommend Scott to any other businesses using computers and
printers. it is great to know we have our own computer technician
when ever we need assistance.  
Valarie C.
Rockaway Park Queens NY Resident
Excellent service!! Scott has
always been there when I needed him.
His prices are reasonable and he has
always been honest with me about
any computer issues I have had.
Even though my laptop has had many
problems over the years Scott has been
able to get me back up and running each and
every time!  I highly recommend him to any of my friends or family. 
Sonia P.
Belle Harbor Queens NY Resident
I originally called Scott over a year ago,
he was very polite and professional
on the phone. After scheduling an
appointment I was pleasantly surprised
how quickly he was able to get my
computer back to working condition.
Since then I always call him to keep
my computer maintained and running quickly.
I am glad to have such a knowledgeable computer expert just a call away. Scott is an excellent asset for our community because his prices are fair and he is such a nice person to deal with!